Noah’s play makes columnist eat words, literally

By Adam Silverstein
November 11, 2009

Chicago Bulls forward/center Joakim Noah is a good basketball player. In 2007, Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Morrissey disagreed. Morrissey published a column, “You must be Joakim,” after Noah was drafted, stating that the Florida Gators product “was soft, had the shooting form of a fourth-grader and simply didn’t have game.” Morrissey went on to contend that, if he was wrong and Noah succeeded in the NBA, he would drizzle salsa on the column and eat it.

Almost two-and-a-half years, 1,105 points, 1,109 rebounds, 205 assists, 190 blocks and 120 steals later, Morrissey fulfilled his promise and literally ate his words in front of Noah and Bulls rookie James Johnson…with a dash of hot sauce. “It tasted like a crow enchilada,” he said. With so many writers prognosticating players’ careers before they even step foot on a professional court or field, it is refreshing to watch (see video below) as one owns up to his mistake when proven wrong. “To me, it’s interesting how I see older people writing things about me that aren’t particularly true,” Noah said.

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