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By Adam Silverstein
November 7, 2009

Whether you want to be the first to know what color uniforms the No. 1 Florida Gators are wearing, will be stepping away from the television and need score updates or just want extra coverage and game information in addition to what ESPN2 will provide Saturday night, ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive has you covered. Visit us on twitter for live updates throughout the game:


  1. ReptilesRule says:

    GOD, will SOMEBODY PLEASE tell me WHY we INSIST on running these DIVE PLAYS and rendering our offense impotent with NO rhythym. We keep putting ourselves in this position and WHY??? We tried something different in the GA game and you saw what happened!! But NOW we are back to doing the SAME thing!!! GAAAAAWWWWWDDDD….

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    Well, thank you Adazzio for another shit ass poor showing from our offensive unit(o-line I’m talking to your fat asses too). It wont be long before pops up which I encourage you to visit. Please for the love of God get your stubborn ass in the box so you can call a game worth a damn or as God is my witness, I will hit you with a balloon filled with pee at FSU.

    I would also like to thank the whole coaching staff for really “sticking to” that red zone solution you drafted after Miss St. It seemed as though the I formation and other things that actually worked were forgotten like a ruffinol’d sorostitute in Jacksonville. I’m am glad to see your stupid ass come back down to earth and for you to gouge our offense in the eyes Brandon Spikes style. I expect to see your sorry ass on intervention because you relapse like a crack whore and can never be counted on after one week of doing well.

    Thank you for giving the red elephant nation hope in beating us with your continual persistence on same old shit play calling that never fucking works.

    Good night and drive home safe.

  3. ReptilesRule says:

    Adam, NOW I am concerned. I’ve been optimistic even after Arky and Miss State because I knew we had to overcome the SEC WEST hex. And I thought that we really “broke out” against UGA but to see Vandy absolutely dominate our offensive line and seeing us revert back to bad playcalling, Now I’m afraid it is what it is. We can’t get out of our own way it seems. And what it is …a team that could well lose next week and against FSU as well. I don’t EVEN want to think about what Bama is gonna do to us if we insist on running little backs on dive plays or not designing quicker hitting pass plays. Bama will chew us up and spit us out. If I had a BCS vote right now, I would vote us 3rd behind Bama and Texas. We are in trouble… if we play like this.

  4. The gameplay today made me even more nervous about next week in Columbia and in three weeks against Florida State. As you guys said, the Gators went away from what made them successful against Georgia. Stopped using the I-form as much, kept running B.S. dive plays and, worst of all, used the banzai offense again. This does not work. Period. There were so many bubble screen passes thrown that I thought Ron Zook was coaching again – that’s how bad it was.

    On a side note, let’s all prvay for Cal RB Jahvid Best tonight. Scary scary concussion.

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