Gators Gameday Grub – Week 6 at LSU Tigers: Gator Bites & …Catch a Tiger by his Toe

By Adam Silverstein
October 9, 2009

Welcome to the first of what will be a weekly segment here on OGGOA Gators Gameday Grub. Our friend Janah Adickman over at Delish Your Dish will be posting every Thursday or Friday a UF-themed recipe that is easy to make, fun to create and absolutely delicious. Whether you are hosting a party, going to someone else’s or tailgating on-site, this grub is for Gators only!

Feast your eyes, then see more pictures and learn how to make them after the jump!!!

Hey there Gator fans! After graduating from the University of Florida a little over a year ago, I decided to follow my passion for food and cooking and create a Web site devoted to my unique recipes as well as product and restaurant reviews. With Florida football season underway, I could not help but to get in the spirit and spoke with Adam about creating Gators-themed grub exclusively for OGGOA. So keep your eyes peeled at the end of each week as I provide you with easy recipes that everyone will enjoy!

This week’s Gators Gameday Grub screams Orange & Blue. I cooked up some “Gators Bites” (Jalapeño Cheddar Mac ‘n Cheese Bites) and mixed up a perfect gameday drink for Saturday called “…Catch a Tiger By His Toe.” This is one drink that will surely have you in tailgating mode!

Gator Bites

What You Need:
– 1 lb. macaroni – 2 tbsp. butter – 2 tbsp. flour – ½ cup jalapeño cheddar cheese – ¾ cup sharp cheddar cheese – ½ cup monterey jack cheese (all cheese shredded)
– Panko bread crumbs (Italian or plain) – Mini muffin tins – PAM cooking spray

1. Heat oven on convection to 400 degrees.
2. Boil pasta so that it is just slightly undercooked (al dente). Drain then set aside.
3. Meanwhile, in a large sauce pan, melt the butter. Once melted, add the flour and continue stirring. A thick mixture will form in the pan (do not allow mixture to brown).
4. Then, add all of the cheeses to the mixture. Continue stirring until the cheese sauce has thickened. Add the noodles to the cheese mixture and carefully fold (not stir) the pasta into the cheese sauce.
5. Generously spray mini muffin tins with PAM. Scoop the macaroni mixture into the muffin tin so that it is packed in well. Top with shredded cheddar and Panko.
6. Place into convection oven for 10-12 minutes or until the macaroni bites are crisp.
7. Plate and serve.

…Catch a Tiger by his Toe

What You Need:
1 oz. of the following: white rum, vodka, gold tequila, gin, blue curacao – 5 oz. sweet and sour mix – splash of Sprite – handful of ice

1. Pour everything but the Sprite into a shaker. Shake the ingredients well. Pour into a tall glass. Then pour a splash of Sprite.
2. Garnish with orange slice.

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  1. Daniel M. says:

    Janah has a great site. She’ll get much more interest from linking football fans if she incorporates some meat into those dishes. Tall order for a vegetarian.

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