4 BITS: Pounceys, Rainey, Parsons, Big Brother

By Adam Silverstein
August 8, 2014

1 » As former Florida Gators centers Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey await word on the civil lawsuit that has been brought against them in a nightclub incident where three patrons allege the brothers committed battery, among other acts, it appears as if only one of the two will actually be formally charged by law enforcement. According to Adam Beasley of The Miami Herald, the attorney for the victims claims that that Miami Beach Police Department will charge Maurkice Pouncey of the Pittsburgh Steelers with misdemeanor battery, while Mike Pouncey of the Miami Dolphins will only have to contend with the civil suit. However, the Pounceys’ attorney does not believe a misdemeanor battery charge is on the horizon. “Until such time [as an assistant state attorney is assigned to review the evidence], no charges can be formally filed against either of my clients,” he told Beasley. “From what we’ve discovered, the evidence supporting the battery claims is flimsy, at best.” No charges have been filed as of press time.

2 » Two days after being praised by Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano for his on-field ability and chance to make an impact with the franchise in 2014, former Gators running back Chris Rainey was cut for a violation of team rules. Pagano did not offer any explanation about Rainey’s dismissal in a press conference the next day and no light had been shed on the incident…until Thursday night. While tweeting during the Indianapolis-New York Jets game, Rainey send the following two messages consecutively: “Yeah im piss watchin the colts game when I should be out there too. Even tho I didnt break no f**kin team rules, not even,” he wrote first. “Nice TD Boom even tho u was in the hallway with me that nite when we was horsing around with the fire extinguisher. Man up like I did.”

Rainey in those messages was referring to RB Dan Herron, nicknamed “Boom,” who he is insinuating was involved in some mischief with a fire extinguisher presumably during training camp. Hours later, Rainey deleted the aforementioned tweets and issued the following statement: “Hello twitter fam, my apology for my cousin mistake earlier. I wasn’t aware of his actions til now. He’s been check truly sry, God Bless! My twitter account is in my control now, my apology once again. Goodnight twitter family and God Bless!!!” More likely is that Rainey tweeted his true, passionate feelings while watching his former team and then realized how sharing those thoughts made him look to prospective employers afterward. Either way, the earlier tweets seem to check out. According to the Indianapolis Star, a fire extinguisher was used in a break room at the team hotel on July 27, setting off a fire alarm. Rainey was released the following morning.

3 » Former Florida now Dallas Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons was interviewed by comedienne Chelsea Handler late Thursday on E! Network‘s Chelsea Lately talk show. Though only a portion of the interview was posted online, it was the part where Parsons and Handler spoke about sex with Parsons dropping the following gem of a line about sexual activity during the NBA season. “There is definitely some sort of penetration during the season,” he said. As for the rest of the interview, you did not miss anything. [Kendall Jenner reference from interview.]

4 » CBS reality show Big Brother, featuring Florida graduate and big Gators fan Zach Rance, had its most exciting episode of the summer on Thursday with Rance playing a major part. Up for eviction and seemingly on his way out the door, Rance was saved at the last minute when his fellow houseguests decided to flip the vote without alerting some participants. Hayden Voss, seen below mocking Rance’s signature Gator Chomp eviction vote, cast a vote for Rance to leave only to see him stick around.

As luck would have it, Thursday was a double-eviction night on the show, and the tables certainly turned quickly. Within 30 minutes, Voss himself was up for eviction, and Rance made sure he got a taste of his own medicine by delivering what Entertainment Weekly this week mistakenly called a “vertical clap.”

And in case you’re not Gator Chomp’ed out by now, here is another video of Rance from last week’s eviction episode that did not find its way on to OnlyGators.com in the last seven days.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    The Pounceys and Rainey need adult supervision. One more reminder that being able to play sports well is not related to the production of brain cells.

    Rainey I love but he sure is still immature. The Pounceys concern me more. . seems to be a dark “above-the-law” side there that is not as serious YET but is still scarily reminiscent of a certain former Gator tight end who is currently incarcerated.

  2. Dave Massey says:

    22 days!

    Rainey, the Pounceys, and Hernandez are all from the Meyer era, enough said.

    Rainey is never going to grow up. Playing with a fire extinguisher, really. I guess he just likes trouble.

    Sounds like it is possible there may be some truth to the story on the Pouncey’s, flimsy or not. They can look forward to the day when their former Gator teammates can wear “Free the Pouncy twins” hats.

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