FOUR BITS: Bonner, Elam, 2006 title, Walker

By Adam Silverstein
June 6, 2013

1 » San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner hopes to win his second professional championship as his team begins participating in the 2013 NBA Finals on Thursday. Chances are, while Bonner is in Miami, FL, he will also have a bit of fun eating. As pointed out by OGGOA reader Malik Grady, Bonner loves sandwiches and chronicled his tasty treats for the Spurs website back in 2010. Titled “The Sandwich Hunter: The Quest for the Hoagie Grail,” Bonner’s feature includes 26 sandwiches that he has reviewed that year. You can check out his favorites by clicking here. Additionally, Bonner recently discussed (through his brother) his favorite all-time sandwiches with the Deli Fresh Threads blog. He religiously eats a sandwich for lunch on game day.

2 » Safety Matt Elam seemed like the perfect fit for the Baltimore Ravens heading into the 2013 NFL Draft, and the team obviously felt the same way, using its only first-round selection on the Florida Gators product. Speaking with veterans inside the Ravens’ locker room, The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson uncovered that Elam is already drawing rave reviews from his peers. “Matt looks good. You can tell he’s a young, hungry rookie. He just wants to run around and make plays. He’s a smart guy, tough and physical. He’s definitely going to make plays,” said position-mate Michael Huff.

[EXPAND CLICK TO EXPAND and read two more BITS in this post.]3 » In an story focused on how Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is trying to continue his trend of having incredible success during his second year leading a football program, former Florida running backs coach Stan Drayton explained that he was not confident the Gators would beat the Buckeyes in for the 2006 title until he saw how angry the team was the morning of the game after Meyer exposed them to the lack of faith the media had in the team. “When they opened up that newspaper and saw what people were saying about those Florida Gators, I knew at the end of breakfast,” he said. “The way they walked around, the energy level, the way they carried themselves, I knew we were going to win that ballgame.” Drayton noted that Florida being exposed to the negative press that morning happened to be perfect timing but that kind of motivation works at different times for different teams.

4 » After recently announcing his decision to transfer, Gators sophomore guard/forward DeVon Walker changed his mind a week later and was accepted back into the fold by head coach Billy Donovan. Walker has since expanded on his initial decision to transfer, telling the Florida school website that he felt everyone in his life was pushing him away from the Gators. He eventually realized that he was in control of his life and Gainesville, FL was where he wanted to remain. “I’m here and I’m excited,” he said “I’m sure there are people out there saying, ‘Man, this guy doesn’t know what he wants to do.’ But I do know. I want to be here and I want to work to become the best player I can be.” Donovan told Walker that taking a redshirt for his true sophomore season may be in his best interest for 2013-14 considering Florida’s depth chart, and the player understands that may be a reality, one he is ready accept if need be.[/EXPAND]


  1. Tractorr says:

    Matt is screwing up with sandwiches in Philly. It is a shame that such mediocre sandwiches are what Philly is known for because say what you will about Philly they know there sandwiches. Pats and Genos are for the tourists and Wawa is in the neighborhood of Subway though I do love their computer based ordering system.

    If you must have a cheese steak head over to Jim’s on South Street. I am not much of a cheese steak fan not because they are bad but simply because you can get a good cheese steak anywhere you go. In other words, there is nothing special about cheese steaks in Philly.

    The sandwich Philly should be known for is the roast pork sandwich. I have had roast pork elsewhere but nowhere is it quite like Philly. If you are in Center City Dinic’s is pretty good and some people claim it is the best. It is located in Redding Terminal Market and I just think there are better things to eat there. If you want what I think is the best you need to drive to South Philly and go to John’s Roast Pork. This sandwich is the sandwich of the gods as far as I am concerned.

    The other place to check out is Paesano’s Philly Style. This place makes some crazy sandwich including a fried chicken liver sandwich with a ton of toppings including orange marmalade. It might sound gross but it is incredible.

    This list doesn’t even include the dozens of gastropubs sprinkled throughout the city that have their own tasty creations.

    Come on Matt don’t disgrace the Gator Nation by making us look like a bunch of tourists.

  2. Ken (CA) says:

    I was wondering what would end up happening with so many front court players. Good to see Walker is happy and understands red-shirting may be a really good thing for him and accepts that, while continuing to practice against very talented players. Sounds like he has got it figured out at this point and is smart enough to know what crowd is NOT in his best interest…

    • Michael Jones says:

      Well said, Ken (CA). In today’s one-and-done NCAA culture, sometimes it’s hard for a talented kid like Walker to have patience and be willing to work hard to get to where he wants to be. Speaks well of the kid and his character that he’s going to stick and stay. Nothing but good things should come of that, both for Walker, and the Gators.

      GO GATORS!!!

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