Gators coach Muschamp’s contract released

By Adam Silverstein
May 5, 2011

Three months ago, the University of Florida released detailed contract information for the assistant coaches of the Florida Gators football program. Thursday, the school did the same regarding head coach Will Muschamp‘s five-year, $13.75 million deal.

According to Florida, Muschamp will earn $2,750,400 per season and received a $750,000 bonus upon signing his contract. Other bonuses include $500,000 if he is retained as coach through Jan. 31, 2016 (and $250,000 more if he is retained through Jan. 31, 2017), $200,000 per year from Nike, $75,000 for winning the Southeastern Conference Championship and $250,000 for winning the BCS National Championship. He will also have an annual expense account of just over $60,000.

Muschamp can be bought out for $500,000 but would be paid $2 million for every year remaining on his contract if the Gators decide to terminate him.

The second-largest contract among Florida’s coaches is that of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, who signed a three-year, $2.625 million deal. The contract makes him the highest-paid assistant coach in school history. Weis will earn salaries of $765,000 in 2011 and $865,000 in both 2012 and 2013; he also received a $100,000 signing bonus.

A look at the coaching staff’s 2011 salaries compared with their counterparts in 2010:

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* White and Durkin are both in the second year of two-year contracts signed in 2010.

Contract notes (as of 2010):
– Asst. coaches receive a $10,000 bonus from Florida’s contract with Nike
– All coaches receive a car and other tangible incentives

Universal bonuses (as of 2010):
– BCS National Championship Game appearance – up to 30 percent increase
– Other BCS bowl game appearance – 20 percent increase
– SEC Championship Game appearance – 10 percent increase
– Non-BCS bowl game – 10 percent increase
– Bowl game with less than $2 million payout – one month’s salary increase


  1. John S says:

    Man, Frank Verducci did alright, I thought he was unemployed. On the whole pretty normal, we are certainly paying Muschamp big time money for being 0-0.

    • chazandi says:

      Seems fitting that Muschamp would pull about half the salary of the coach he was going to replace (Mack Brown 5.1 mill) He was pulling 900k a yr just for coach in waiting more that our current NFL proven Charlie Weis salary. He got plucked form Texas they always coming in 1 or 2 in most profitable school in sports, we had to come in hot. Bottom line: this is most likely the best deal for both parties. Texas could have easily match and topped this contract with out blinking.

  2. swifty_711 says:

    That buyout clause is sick 500,000$, plus 2mil for every year left on his contract. BooM is ballin!!

  3. SaraGator says:

    Sounds right. He’s not proven, yet gets paid more because we’re Florida.

    He will get a big fat raise WHEN he wins a National Championship.

    Notice I said WHEN and not IF. 😉

  4. cline says:

    man, that baseball game was brutal last night…… We looked in total control and ARK jumped on us.

  5. jay d says:

    I thhink florida is paying muschamp too much for his first year….make him prove he is worth the money then UP his contract..the fact that he is in the same pay grade as steve s. Bothers the shit out of me…expecially when he is an unproven first year head coach…w/e I understand florida needs to high roll on a major gamble after the likes of Urban….we will find out soon enough if coach boom is all talk and no walk …which I hhope I’m just anxiious of muschamps first year leading the gators…

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