4 BITS: Corey Brewer back in Houston, Brad Beal ready for extension, Tim Tebow nearly in CFL?

1 » Despite meeting and discussing opportunities with other franchises, former Florida Gators forward Corey Brewer chose stability – and plenty of cash – on Friday when he agreed to a three-year, $24 million deal to return to the Houston Rockets. Brewer, who has been on five franchises in eight seasons, has proven to be a solid, versatile defender throughout his NBA career; however, he has struggled offensively, averaging 10.2 points per game while knocking down just 29 percent of his three-pointers (19.5 percent last season). Still, he is a capable roleplayer for a contender, already has a ring and has been a consistent highlight factory during his career.

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2 BITS: Eagles see ‘improvement’ in Tim Tebow

1 » Reviews of his efforts in organized team activities have not been kind to former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow, but don’t tell Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly that. “I have seen an improvement from Tim since the day we got him in terms of his knowledge of what we’re doing, understanding where everybody is,” Kelly told the Delaware County Daily Times. “There’s a whole process, and for him what we have done is different than what he’s done anywhere else. So in terms of learning our terminology and how we do things, I think each week you’ve seen an incremental bump in him, so we’re excited to see where that takes him, and it’ll be a good competition as we get into August.”

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FOUR BITS: Former Gators safeties Matt Elam, Will Hill fighting for Ravens starting job

1 » The Baltimore Ravens pulled former first-round draft choice Matt Elam out of their starting rotation after Elam began disappointing with his play on the field. Elam shifting out allowed fellow former Florida Gators safety Will Hill to fill the void and has subsequently created a high-intensity training camp competition between the two teammates.

Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh, who stuck by Hill despite him being suspended for the first six games of the 2014 campaign due to a third NFL drug policy violation, is impressed with what he’s seen from the undrafted free agent. “I almost say [he’s] light-years ahead of where he was last year,” Harbaugh told the Baltimore Sun. “He has been here every single day in the offseason that I’m aware of. Heck, he brought his family in here to work out with him when he was on his own. … I just think he has really dug in to have a great season, and we’ll see how it goes for him. But right now, he looks the part.” Elam is taking the competition in stride and remains confident he will be able to regain the job. “All I can say is, I can’t wait until September. I’m ready,” Elam said.

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FOUR BITS: Winston reminds Murphy of Tebow

1 » Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Louis Murphy is already enamored with his new quarterback, Jameis Winston. How much? Murphy said on a SiriusXM NFL Radio interview that Winston reminds him of his former signal caller with the Florida Gators, Tim Tebow. “I just saw how much of a competitor he is. He competes. he doesn’t like losing. He wants to win and that’s a guy I want to play with. He’s young, kind of similar to Tim Tebow in a way, he just wants to win. He’ll do anything it takes to win. But he’s young, everyone makes mistakes … I’m just really excited to be with a guy who is passionate about playing this game.”

2 » Early observations from Philadelphia Eagles camp, at least according to the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Jeff McLane, are that Tebow’s throwing motion is not as improved as everyone was led to believe by his throwing coach. Here’s the report:

There have been reports that Tebow’s throwing motion and release had improved after his work with Tom House, but there didn’t appear to be much difference than how he looked two years ago,” wrote McLane. “I haven’t watched Tebow up close for his entire career, but it still takes a long time for him to cock, load and throw. There’s an unnatural dip in his windup. Tebow has never been a good practice quarterback and he’s obviously still learning a completely new offense, so there shouldn’t be too much stock taken in how he threw on one non-contact day in May. But the guess here is that it will be difficult for Tebow to beat out [Matt] Barkley for the third spot, even if you include his intangibles. He struggled to throw the ball downfield. He was working with a bunch of young receivers, but he often held the ball too long or would check down with a short pass. At one point late in practice, he had a throw tipped at the line that fell into the arms of 6-foot-9 rookie defensive end Brian Mihalik.

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Tim Tebow, Riley Cooper send get-well video to high school student with brain tumor

Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow and wide receiver Riley Cooper – former roommates turned teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles – sent a video message to a high school quarterback on Monday as he was preparing for brain surgery.

According to Lancaster Online, Collin “Bear” Shank was diagnosed with a one-inch brain tumor in late April after complaining of “ongoing headaches and nausea.”

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4 NFL BITS: Tebow, Cunningham, Demps, Draft

1 » Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly over the weekend dismissed comments from quarterback Mark Sanchez, who called former Florida Gators signal caller Tim Tebow just a “camp arm” for the franchise this summer. “I think everybody here that we bring to our organization is here to compete for a job. That’s what Timmy’s going to do,” Kelly said live on the NFL Network. “He’s an unbelievable competitor. If we were just going to have guys throw drills, we’d take [network analyst Mike] Mayock in the offseason and bring him down here and let him throw to them.”

2 » Former Florida linebacker Jermaine Cunningham was arrested in December after allegedly sending naked or sexual pictures of a woman he was seeing to her friends and family following a domestic dispute between the two parties. (Other charges at the time of his arrest included transporting a gun in his car and tampering with clothing.) As such, he will appear court on Wednesday to face “revenge porn” charges under New Jersey law, according to the Associated Press. Cunningham was picked up by the New York Jets after being released during the 2013 season and spent the 2014 campaign with the team, most of it on injured reserve. He is currently a free agent.

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Urban Meyer on Tim Tebow: Media attention curbed NFL interest, opportunities

During a radio interview two years ago, Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer propped up Tim Tebow‘s future as an NFL quarterback, noting that he still thought Tebow would go out and “win a Super Bowl” before his time was up.

That was when Tebow was on the outs with the New York Jets. Since then, despite getting a training camp invitation with the New England Patriots that offseason, Tebow has not seen the field during an NFL regular season game.

On Tuesday, Meyer appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and was asked about the future of his Heisman Trophy winner with the Florida Gators. Suffice to say, Meyer still fully believes in Tebow’s chances to succeed in the NFL but explained that due to circumstances beyond his control, he has not had the same opportunities as others.

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FOUR BITS: Tebow, Parsons, Jackson, Easley

1 » Philadelphia Eagles vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz spoke with the media on Thursday and provided some perspective on the team’s decision to sign former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow to a one-year, non-guaranteed contract. “We worked him out and we saw improvement from the last time we saw him,” he said. “[We] had exposure to him live when we played New England when they practiced here. When we worked him out, we saw a great deal of improvement in him.” Ultimately, the Eagles decided “that it was an opportunity to bring in somebody who could compete for a spot,” and all indications are that Tebow will get that chance, a legitimate one at that – unlike some of his other stops..

2 » Forward Chandler Parsons, in his first year with the Dallas Mavericks, has been ruled out for the remainder of the season after suffering what appears to be a serious right knee injury. Parsons, who was averaging 15.7 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists in 33.1 minutes per game for Dallas, was a full-season starter for the Mavericks and the team’s key free agent signing in the offseason. The Houston Rockets, Parsons’s former team, leads the Mavericks 2-0 in their first-round series. Fellow former Florida F Corey Brewer is averaging 15.0 points in 26.5 minutes per game for Houston thus far in the series. He’s shooting .500 from the field and .571 from beyond the arc.

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