Friday Final: Robinson breaking out, Driskel stepping up, Gators preparing for TIde

In this week’s Florida Football Friday Final, tackles last week’s breakout performance by sophomore wide receiver Demarcus Robinson, continued confidence in redshirt junior quarterback Jeff Driskel and a wide variety of other topics not previously covered in stories posted on the site this week.

The Florida Gators (2-0, 1-0 SEC) hit the road for the first time this season when they face the No. 3 Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0) on Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The game kicks off at 3:30 p.m. and will air live on CBS.


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Notebook: Kurt Roper, D.J. Durkin evaluate units ahead of showdown with Tide
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Anyone who watched the Kentucky game, viewed a highlight package or read a Florida-centric story this week knows full well what Robinson did last Saturday – matching a school record with 15 receptions in a single game while finding a landing spot at No. 4 on the Gators’ all-time list of players with the most receiving yards in one contest (216).

Taking a step back and looking at the performance in greater context, it is even more impressive. Two suspensions and a lack of dedication made Robinson completely ineffective during his freshman campaign despite the fact that the four-star prospect was hailed as Florida’s best offensive recruit in years. A third suspension, which would have cost him the ability to perform in the Idaho game if it had been played, made it appear as if Robinson had not truly turned the corner off the field despite all of the praise he received from his coaches and teammates for his performances on it in the offseason.

But Robinson followed up a six-catch, 123-yard, one-touchdown season-opening showing against Eastern Michigan with one twice as impressive. More importantly, he seems to understand full well he truly has the opportunity to make a major impact for the Gators as long as he can stay out of his own way.

“[His success] doesn’t surprise me at all, I mean, I had to cover him, I had to deal with him all camp, all last year,” explained sophomore cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III, who was also Robinson’s roommate over the summer. “It was just a matter of time, that’s why I was so confident about him, talking about him at media day. He’s a great player. It doesn’t really surprise me.”

He continued: “I think he gets it now. I think he understands. This is what he wants to do with the rest of his life. He’s taking the game more serious[ly]. He’s in the film room. He’s asking me questions. We go at it every day; we make each other better, and I’m excited for him, excited to see what he can accomplish this year.”

Redshirt senior center Max Garcia referred to Robison’s talent as “unbelievable,” while Driskel explained that he has “always been comfortable with Demarcus.”

Offensive coordinator Kurt Roper is also impressed with what Robinson has put on film, but he sees one particular area where the breakout talent can continue to improve as the season progresses.

“He played a really good game [but] there’s obviously always things he can get better at. There were mistakes to correct that he sees on the football field and the same thing with ball security,” explained Roper.

“You know, I was coming home and my wife, she’s an old sports reporter so she knows something about football. … We’re talking about D-Rob and how good a game he played and all that and she goes, ‘Oh but his ball security and some [of those things].’ I said, ‘Well let’s just put him on the bench. You don’t want to play him. You want, we’ll put him on the bench. We won’t play him.’ [Laughing] She goes, ‘Wait a second. Hold on.’

“I think those are things that we obviously can keep working on to get better. And he sees that. He knows that. He’s trying. It’s what you call muscle memory and that’s why you go to the practice field. Those things are muscle memory. And until he changes his muscle memory and we keep working on it, it’s still going to be a problem and that’s why it’s the focus all the time.”


The vocal majority of Gators fans want to focus on the negatives these days, especially when it comes to Driskel. And it is quite easy to point out mistakes that Florida’s starting quarterback made during last Saturday’s game.

Early in the contest, Driskel somehow overthrew two wide open receivers who would have either hauled in his passes for big gains or touchdowns had he hit them on the mark. A short while later, he managed to launch the ball with the perfect distance…except it was two feet out of bounds. So the only thing Driskel could do when asked about it on Monday was copy to those miscues.

“I had some open guys. I just got to give those guys a chance [to make a play]. That’s something we’ll get corrected. I’m not too worried about it. I know I did miss a few,” he said, “but I’d rather me miss the open receivers than not have the open receivers. We’re going to get that corrected, and I’m going to have to do that in order for us to be successful down the road.”

Driskel also panicked while attempting to avoid taking a sack and threw the ball away. Unfortunately, he failed to throw it completely out of bounds and put way too much air under the ball; soon he would see it get picked off and nearly taken to the house. Roper was well-aware that Driskel made that mistake but was also proud to see the way he handled pressure throughout the contest.

“I thought Jeff stood in there and made a lot of throws versus guys in his face. I thought he played really, really fast and got the ball out of his hand. I was really pleased with that aspect of it,” he said. “I think we could’ve helped him with some different things, moved the pocket a little bit more and different things like that, but I thought he did a good job of handling the pressure.”

Despite Driskel’s early struggles (7-of-20, interception), Roper and head coach Will Muschamp never considered replacing him with freshman Treon Harris. That paid off for the Gators, which saw him finish the game 18-of-23 for 179 yards and three touchdowns…including a conversion on 4th and 7 that is – to this point – the highlight of his career.

“To have a play like that in a critical situation, no question for him. Really, I think Jeff is playing really well,” Muschamp said on Monday. “Certainly, the throwaway in the first half, he was trying to throw it away and thought he had a little more on the ball than he did. … You take a couple drops here and there in the game, a little off-kilter on the deep balls. He came back in the second half and really performed well. There is no question that was a huge play for him.”

Roper believes Driskel has a “pretty good” comfort level with Florida’s offense at this time, and his confidence only grew in his signal caller when Roper saw Driskel take “complete control” of the aforementioned 4th and 7 play. Driskel got the players aligned, ensured the proper players were on the line of scrimmage, rushed to get the snap off, made a quick decision and executed a great throw.

In fact, outside of the one time Driskel stared down Robinson in the end zone in overtime – throwing the ball late and ultimately incomplete when Robinson bobbled a potential touchdown – Roper thought he was quite poised.

For Driskel, Saturday marks the second time he will face Alabama in his career. The first time, as a true freshman injury replacement for John Brantley in 2011, Driskel fumbled a snap and was sacked twice – one led to a sprained ankle that eliminated him from starting the following game.


» Driskel on what Florida showed by sticking together and winning on Saturday: “We’re not going to hang our heads when things go wrong. We had a lot of things go wrong, especially early on the offensive side. Things weren’t clicking for us. We weren’t making the plays down the field, but we continued to move forward. No one was complaining or doing anything like that. So I just think we have a really close-knit unit that knows how to stick together, and I think that we’re going to have to do that in a few more games this year.”

» Driskel on Alabama’s offense: “Obviously, they have a lot of good players and they’re going to play some one-on-one matchups, and we’re going to have to win some of those. I think their coaches [coach them] extremely well; they have a really good coaching staff. We have our hands full.”

» Junior defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. on the Tide’s defense: “They’re explosive. They run the ball very well. They have good receivers and a good quarterback and stuff like that. We just have to play our ball game and just defend. It’s going to be a line of scrimmage game, so we just have to control our side of the ball.”

» Hargreaves on the Gators’ confidence this season, especially during Saturday’s game: “I don’t think anybody on our team had a doubt that we were going to win that game, no matter how many overtimes we went to. Just walking down the sidelines, looking guys in their eyes, it’s completely different than last year. Yeah, there’s room for improvement but our confidence is high. I think it’s going to stay that way – win, loss, that’s just kind of the team we are, and I’m excited to see how the season ends up for us.”

» Garcia on how Florida’s offensive line can combat a deep Alabama defensive line: “With heart. With our will to play. We played 96 snaps last week; I played every single one of them. I think we have guys that are willing to go the distance. They’re not going to tap out. That’s the way it’s been since the spring, going on with the same guys. … We’re ready to go the distance.”
Roper on senior tight end Tevin Westbrook: ” I think between him and Clay [Burton] right now, those guys are doing a good job being interchangeable in a lot of ways. Clay played a few more snaps than Tevin. Tevin obviously is a physical guy, tries to make plays that way in the run game, and then was big for us in some play-action pass right there.”

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To be the best, Gators gotta beat the best

Faced with one of the toughest schedules in the nation this season, the Florida Gators (2-0, 1-0 SEC) will not be short on obstacles to overcome in 2014.

But before Florida can get to its cross-division rivalry game, annual neutral-site contest with its border rival or season finale against the defending national champions, it has to hit the road and go head-to-head with arguably the best team in college football over the last five seasons, the Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0, 0-0 SEC).

As the home team, the Tide are -14.5 favorites over the Gators as the teams prepare to square off at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. UF, however, does not feel like an underdog entering the contest.

“We’re not really looking at ourselves as underdogs. I mean, we never have,” said sophomore cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III this week. “We’re looking at it as Florida against Bama. It’s a big game, we all know it, that’s not a secret. There’s no doubt that those guys are going to play hard and the results will be the results.”

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9/15: Muschamp reviews UK, previews Bama

Head coach Will Muschamp of the Florida Gators (2-0, 1-0 SEC) met with the media on Monday to open up game week ahead of his team’s first road contest of the 2014 season. Florida will travel Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0, 0-0 SEC) on Saturday, Sept. 20 at 3:30 p.m.


“It was a great team win as far as picking each other up. Parts of the game, defensively, [we] played really well early in the game, did some nice things offensively, moved the ball, did not score in the red zone, had a couple issues on third down – two drops, two protection issues – that hurt us in the first half.

“Field position killed us in the first half; average staring on the 15-yard line, but we moved the ball, that was the encouraging thing. I felt totally in control of the game until the 60-yard touchdown pass that gave them some energy. But our guys fought back and overcame those situations. Right now on the season, we’re +7 on the year in turnover margin, +13 in explosive plays. That’s a good combination to have.

“Going back offensively, field position really hurt us. We need to score touchdowns in the red zone; we had a couple issues down there, third down, but we stayed balanced in what we did. I thought the offensive staff did a nice job with adjustments in the second half of getting in some 12 personnel and running the ball. We were able to create some holes in there. I thought our offensive line did a really good job of movement upfront and handling all that stuff. …

“Overall, as a team, handled some adversity well. That was the first time we had to deal with it this season, so it was good to condition ourselves moving on the road.”

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Snell: Florida-Kentucky not for the faint of heart

By Shannon Snell – Featured Columnist

I’m sure Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is so close to UF Health, because after Saturday night’s Florida-Kentucky game, I’m guessing a whole lot of people had to be admitted.

This may not be a popular opinion, but the first thing everyone should know coming out of Saturday’s game is that the Wildcats are a good football team. Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops and his boys did not make the trip to The Swamp just to put on a good show and play in a close game. They came to win and gave themselves every opportunity.

In reality, there are a lot of things that the Gators can take away from a game of this nature, one they won – not lost – in three overtimes.

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Robinson, Jones lead Florida Gators to 36-30 win over Kentucky in 3OT thriller

Updated at 1:35 a.m.

In the first three-overtime game in school history, the Florida Gators (2-0, 1-0 SEC) defeated the Kentucky Wildcats (2-1, 0-1 SEC) with a late rushing touchdown from junior running back Matt Jones serving as the deciding score in the 36-30 victory.

Jones, whose tremendous effort was a boon for the Gators throughout the evening on Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida, rumbled for a game-high 156 yards on a game-high 29 carries. When he crossed the goal line on his fourth-straight carry in the third overtime, Jones not only scored the game-winning touchdown but accounted for all 25 yards of Florida’s offense that drive.

Sophomore wide receiver Demarcus Robinson was an even brighter star for the Gators on Saturday, hauling in a school record-tying 15 receptions for 216 yards and two touchdowns, all game-highs.

His 15 receptions tied a record first set by Carlos Alvarez in 1969, while his 216 yards were the fourth-most ever amassed by a Florida wide receiver in a single game.

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Gameday: Florida Gators vs. Kentucky Wildcats

Location: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium – Gainesville, Florida [Capacity: 88,548]
Weather: 82°F (feels like 88°F), scattered t-storms (chance of rain: 40 percent)
Time: 7:30 p.m. EDT

TV: SEC Network (Brent Musburger, Jesse Palmer, Maria Taylor)

Streaming Video: SEC Network | Mobile Video: WatchESPN app

SiriusXM: 119/190 | Radio: Gator Radio Network [Affiliates]

Live Updates: @OnlyGators on Twitter

Head Coach: Will Muschamp Head Coach: Mark Stoops
Record: 1-0 (0-0 SEC) Record: 2-0 (0-0 SEC)
Conference: Southeastern Conference: Southeastern

Odds: Florida -18.5 | O/U 53.5


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Florida LB Taylor, DE Fowler ready to lead…and hit; Gators see Muschamp as tough but fair

A pair of defenders are ready to lead the way for the Florida Gators both on and off the field, while players disagree with some critics labeling head coach Will Muschamp as soft in light of his decision to reinstate three suspended players for the Eastern Michigan Eagles game on Saturday.


Losing Dominique Easley and Ronald Powell last year – plus Matt Elam, Sharrif Floyd and Lerentee McCray the season before – the Gators spent a portion of the offseason searching for veteran leaders to unite the program and take it to another level in 2014.

In stepped redshirt senior linebacker Michael Taylor, a 10-game starter in 2013 who is as confident off the field as he is aggressive on it. Not only have his Florida teammates fallen in line behind him, the coaching staff also views him as a trustworthy extension of their teachings on the gridiron.

“Mike, really his entire career, has been about all the right things and what we stand for as a program. He’s never an issue off-the-field. He’s a very tough, physical, hard-working guy. He loves football. He’s really into it. He’s already graduated from here,” explained defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin.

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The Silver Lining for Wednesday, September 3

He comes from France

All four senior basketball players that left the Florida Gators last offseason have now found professional homes despite none being selected in the 2014 NBA Draft.

First was center Patric Young, who worked in the NBA Summer League with the New Orleans Pelicans (which guaranteed him a spot in training camp). By the time Summer League had commenced, Young agreed to a standard two-year, $1.35 million rookie contract with the franchise and is expected to be a contributor this season.

Point guard Scottie Wilbekin, who spent the Summer League playing for two different teams, was unable to find a home in the NBA but instead got a soft landing spot overseas. Wilbekin inked a contract with the Cairns Taipans of the Australian Basketball League and is already in Australia working out with his team.

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