Non-Gators: ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt drops F-bomb

OGGOA was doing our normal catch-up of the day’s events on ESPN‘s SportsCenter Thursday when we heard anchor Scott Van Pelt clearly drop an F-bomb as the program was going to a commercial break. An iPhone video recording and a few e-mails later and some of our good friends were kind enough to post our clip on their respective sites.

It has been a tough week for Van Pelt, especially after notorious Howard Stern prank caller Captain Janks fooled him by acting as former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook during a live on-air interview. Anyway…enjoy.

Van Pelt, of course, apologized. Because heaven forbid the FCC not hear an apology for a simple technical mistake and/or profane slip-up. “Earlier in the program, as we were heading to a break, my microphone was still open and I uttered a profanity,” he said. “And for that I apologize for anyone I might have offended.”

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Happy Thanksgiving from OGGOA + updates

There are not many times on OGGOA that you will find me talk about myself; however, this is one of those instances. Seeing as it is Thanksgiving, I wanted to send out some special thanks to people associated and involved with OGGOA in one way or another. So thank you to Mike of Big Mike Design for putting this site together on such short notice and hooking us up with a great new hosting company. Thank you to all of my friends who were the initial users of this site and have done their best (I hope) to spread the word. And last but certainly not least, thank you to all of OGGOA‘s readers who have made this easily the fastest growing Florida Gators Web site on the Internet. It astounds me each day how many unique visitors come to this site, especially as it has only been open for 57 days. Please continue to bookmark the homepage, subscribe to the RSS feed, join the facebook page, follow us on twitter, comment on the posts and “share” each of them with your friends, family and fellow Gators fans.

Now back to business. While OGGOA is committed to bring you the latest breaking news and most informative, up-to-date details about the Gators at every turn, I have run into a scheduling conflict on Saturday. Fortunately and unfortunately, I have a wedding to attend during the Florida vs. Florida State Seminoles game. Therefore, all game day coverage will be up on Friday and there will not be live coverage of the game on twitter. You can simply occupy yourself by watching the game live. However, I will have a full story up at some point after the game and OGGOA will stay on schedule from that point forward. As far as how I will watch the game, the best option looks like the CBS College Sports app for the iPhone, which will air the game live.

Glad that is out of the way. Over the past few days, I have come across three pieces of audio that I think you all will enjoy. First is a brand new Gators rap song from Gemini Soundz featuring B. Nyce called “GATOR.” As a hip-hop fan myself, I am always excited when a new song comes out, especially when it is as well-produced as this one. Enjoy.

Gemini Soundz feat B. Nyce – GATOR

I was also able to embed the audio from the Nike Pro Combat page, both of which happen to end with the very name of this site: ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive. Pretty cool.

Florida Gators – Nike Pro Combat Uniform

Florida Gators – Finish the Mission

We apologize for our downtime on Tuesday

For those of you that have been with us for 40 days and for those of you whose visit today was their first, I just wanted to take a moment and apologize for the severe downtime experienced by ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive during its peak hours Tuesday afternoon. While much of it was no doubt caused by the influx of server requests from all of you Florida Gators fans looking for the latest information on the team’s new uniforms and the status of five-star safety commitment Matt Elam, the server we are hosted on also experienced some problems of its own.

If you know me, you know that I pride myself on providing you all with the most immediate, up-to-date and accurate news possible. Having a server that is down when the Web site needs to rely on it the most makes achieving these goals impossible. With that being said, OGGOA will be switching hosts within the next 48 hours so none of this should be an issue going forward. It will remain active throughout the entire process, so please continue to visit the the site as usual for news and information.

I appreciate all of your continued support and dedication to the site. Without Gator Nation storming OGGOA in record numbers the last two days, I may not have realized the need for hosting improvement. The one positive that will come out of this is that OGGOA will be faster and more reliable, meaning you will never again have to question whether or not the site is up and active.


Adam Silverstein
Owner, editor

Quick OGGOA technology update

ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive has been open for less than a week. In this time, I have received a few questions and inquiries into the site and wanted to provide the readers with a quick technology update regarding some of the things going on here.

iPhone / Mobile siteOGGOA is utilizing a special technology to make the site compatible with the Apple iPhone and other mobile devices. This optimization allows mobile users to load OGGOA quickly, without the clutter of images, while also letting them read full articles and participate in discussions by commenting. I think this is one of the most unique features of the site and hope those of you that have not utilized this feature begin to do so soon. If you are on a mobile device and wish to view the regular site, simply scroll to the bottom of the mobile page and click “off.”

Share button – Implemented Tuesday night, there is now a “Share” button at the bottom of every post. This allows OGGOA readers to easily share and distribute the latest Florida Gators news to friends and fans via facebook, Myspace, digg,, etc.

Design – A special thank you to Mike over at Big Mike Design (links in right column) for creating the design elements of this Web site. OGGOA would not have found the quick success it did without you.

With that being said, Web sites undergo many changes (some fundamental, some minor) over their lifespans (Web sites We Visit: How They Looked 10 Years Ago). OGGOA is sure to change and evolve as time goes on; this is just the start of something special!



When the thought to create a Web site specifically about the Florida Gators first popped into my head, I treated it like any other idea that I have had in my life – I wrote it down and planned to revisit it at a later date.

Unlike previous instances when I had simply written the idea down, my pen did not stop at the concept alone this time. Instead, I began writing potential titles. After immediately throwing out some of the more trite words and expressions used by and about the Gators, I realized there was only one phrase that truly portrayed the passion of Gator Nation, the dedication of our student-athletes and the fear playing against the Gators instilled in our opponents. Best of all, it was something I had seen dozens of times in my UF career and is easily my favorite part of The Swamp.

If the title of this Web site seemed familiar to you at first, that is because it should be. It is hanging over the tunnel to Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, seen by the entire football team every time it storms the field and stands as a reminder to the players that The Swamp is land worth fighting for, defending and dominating opponents on.

Like The Swamp, ONLY GATORS strives to be THE stomping ground for die-hard Gators fans – an online home base to serve as your all-inclusive, one-stop portal for everything you want or need to know about your favorite team. Timely, informative and updated around the clock, ONLY GATORS will feature breaking news, commentary, discussion, interviews and so much more.

I hope you explore and bookmark the site, subscribe to the RSS feed, become a fan on facebook, follow us on twitter and immerse yourself in the entire ONLY GATORS experience. (Note: ONLY GATORS is optimized for Apple iPhone and other mobile devices.) Once you have spent some time on the site, I guarantee you will find none other like it for Florida Gators fans on the World Wide Web!

Please visit the About page to learn more.

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