Report: Florida Gators football program value drops for second straight year

By Adam Silverstein
December 22, 2015

The Florida Gators football program has lost $22 million in total program value over the last two seasons, according to a financial analysis conducted by Forbes.

Florida’s value is listed 15th among college football teams at $72 million for 2015 based on Forbes‘ methodology, as outlined below. That is down from $82 million in 2014 (11th) and $94 million in 2013 (6th).

[College football teams] are of serious value to their universities, athletic departments, conferences and even local economies, which get a sizable boost from fans traveling to home football games.

We combine money generated in those four areas — university value, for example, consists of academic support in the form of football scholarships and direct university contributions — in the 2014-15 season to get a snapshot of just how valuable each team is. Revenue and expense data comes from annual financial reports made to the Department of Education; value to the local economy is measured by economic impact studies.

So what’s the deal? According to Forbes, the Gators loss of $10 million in value is due in large part this season to the buyout of Will Muschamp’s contract. Florida reported $75 million in revenue but $37 million in profit compared to $69 million and $46 million one year ago.

Forbes in 2014 attributed UF’s 13 percent year-over-year decline to it playing one fewer home game and missing a bowl, but that value was obviously not added back despite Florida not missing a game and attending a bowl last season.

(The Gators, it should be noted, contribute more money back to academics than nearly any other program in the nation, save for Notre Dame.)

How do some of Florida’s rivals compare?

Over the last year, Tennessee made the biggest leap from $94 million (7th) to $121 million (3rd). LSU also moved from $103 million (5th) to $111 million (4th), Georgia stepped way up from $83 million (10th) to $102 million (6th), and Florida State went from unlisted to 17th with $70 million. Following UF downward were Alabama from $107 million (4th) to $99 million (8th) and Auburn from $97 million (6th) to $89 million (10th).

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  1. Avatar Redbaron says:

    If I was still playing UF would be worth over $100M.

    (I mean playing with myself)