Florida Gators release contract terms for head coach Dan Mullen’s six-year, $36 million deal

By Adam Silverstein
November 28, 2017
Florida Gators release contract terms for head coach Dan Mullen’s six-year, $36 million deal

Image Credit: @UFGatorBand / Twitter

Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen has become the fifth-highest paid coach in the nation after agreeing to a six-year, $36 million deal to take over the Gators. Mullen’s detailed contract information was released on Tuesday by the university.

Mullen will earn $6.103 million per season with a base salary of $3 million; there are no year-to-year escalators in his deal. The remaining $3 million of his contract comes from his media obligations ($1.75 million), equipment allowance ($700,000), his Nike contract ($350,000), his expense account ($200,000), private jet usage ($70,000) and his pension ($33,000). He will also receive an additional maximum allowance of $62,000 for various fringe benefits including use of an car, game tickets, travel, etc.

His maximum bonus is set at $925,000 per season, including up to $100,000 for academic achievement. Mullen would achieve that through the academic standard, winning the College Football Playoff ($400,000), winning the SEC Championship Game ($200,000), finishing in the top 10 ($100,000) and being named both the national and SEC coach of the year ($75,000, $50,000).

Other potential payouts include $300,000 for advancing to the CFP National Championship, $250,000 for a CFP Semifinal, $200,000 for a New Year’s Six game, $100,000 for any bowl game and $100,000 for making it to the SEC Championship Game.

In terms of his buyout, Mullen would receive $12 million from Florida no matter how many years are left on his deal with 50 percent payable in the 30 days following his termination and the rest split over a six-year period. Should Mullen choose to leave the Gators, $2 million would be owed back to the program.

There are no details of mitigation of any form in the release from the University Athletic Association.

Florida has also agreed to give Mullen a $5 million pool for his assistant coaches, which is similar to what the Gators have paid out to assistants in recent years factoring in the addition of a 10th assistant.

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