OGGOA Exclusive: Florida Gators Nike Pro Combat uniforms and merchandise line

By Adam Silverstein
November 20, 2009

Over the last two weeks, OGGOA has been breaking news left and right about the Florida Gators new Nike Pro Combat uniforms and merchandise line. Thursday night, we reported that everything would be officially announced and presented Saturday morning. Friday morning, OGGOA uncovered the following pictures:

For more information and pictures of the Florida Gators Nike Pro Combat uniforms, check out OGGOA‘s previous posts HERE and HERE.


  1. Avatar MJ says:

    Gotta have the white T and the white fitted cap, even though I don’t do fitteds! LOL

  2. Avatar Dru2012 says:

    More than anything else, it’s THE GLOVES I want–the other stuff is OK, I like the “F” and all, but since I saw those gloves I coveted a set…been hinting like crazy for Xmas and now it looks like they’re not-for-sale-to-the-public? Must be a way…

  3. Avatar Emily says:

    wheere do you purchase?

  4. Emily-

    You can go here to purchase. They have both shirts and hats, but the jersey is sold out until 2010.

    Go to the following link then “Newest Arrivals.”


  5. Avatar Emily says:

    is the white shirt still available anywhere?

  6. Avatar Emily says:

    does anyone know if the white shirt still available anywhere?

  7. Emiliy- Click the banner at the top of the page to the “ONLY GATORS Fan Shop.’ Here they have the “Finish the Mission” blue T-shirt and the Sugar Bowl Champions t-shirt available in grey and white. It is not the exact same as the white shirt you are asking about, but it is VERY similar.

  8. Avatar Emily says:

    already have finish the mission …. trying to see if the white is available ANYWHERE

  9. Avatar Emily says:

    besides there is no link for the fan shop