Twitter Chatter: Former Gators comment as Florida drops 30-27 heartbreaker to LSU

By Adam Silverstein
October 12, 2014

In a new feature here on, we take a look at what former and current Florida Gators players had to say on social media during and after the game.

Florida (3-2, 2-2 SEC) was edged 30-27 at home by the LSU Tigers (5-2, 1-2 SEC), which saw a late 50-yard field goal split the uprights on Saturday evening at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.

Unable to pull off the victory due to committing multiple turnovers and failing to convert a late touchdown from inside the five-yard line, the Gators fell hard on a night where it looked like the program may have been able to kick-start a turnaround.

Check out all of the tweets…after the break!

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Additionally, Florida sophomore running back Kelvin Taylor retweeted the following two tweets after the game, though he deleted them approximately an hour later.


  1. Ken (CA) says:

    I love this new section Adam, keep it up. I wish on some of them, though I could tell what context they are coming from, some of them not sure at what point they were talking about in the various games since this started.

    “Thought of the day: If I’m a recruit @ the UF game… Why would I want to come play for this mess?”

    That’s a scary tweet considering Martez Ivey and many other top recruits were here this weekend for one of our biggest recruiting weekends of the year.

    • I am only one person and the truth is, it’s tough enough to get this out expeditiously after the game to put everything in context also. I think it’s pretty obvious what most of them are talking about though, and it hardly matters what context it is in really except for the “WOW” stuff.

      In case you didn’t realize, the tweets are in timestamp order from earliest to latest, so there is a flow going all the way down.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        I understand, and didn’t intend it as a complaint, I love this new feature, and about 90-95% of them because of time order I am able to figure out, there are just the occasional obtuse ones that I am “darn, I wish I knew specifically what they were referring to”. I certainly don’t expect you to be able to follow that well with captions, just on some of them I wish I could tell what they are referring to. The key is it is a great feature, the other was just kind of me rambling about nothing useful because I know you are putting up what you can.

      • Razzlegator says:

        When does the ‘Show Us Some Love’ pop-up stop pestering me?

        • When you contribute and are logged in. It only shows up about every dozen or so page loads.

          • Razzlegator says:

            According to my paypal account, tinypass accepted a charge of $35 on Oct. 5. And I am signed in.

            • You need to be signed in to Tinypass, not WordPress. When that thing pops up next time, click the blue “Sign In” link on the bottom left and sign in with the account info. you used to contribute.

              If you’re on an incognito browser or one that does not save cookies, that’s the issue. If you’re still having problems, email me and we’ll get it fixed w/ Tinypass. I don’t know of anyone else having this issue that’s logged in.

              • Razzlegator says:

                Logged in to the wrong place. I’ll try it next time. I only use incognito browsers for porn sites, although some of the content here could be considered obscene. (Not blaming you for that Adam.)

    • SJ210 says:

      Ken, Snell is just stating the obvious. Fourth year under WM, 3rd OC, and we still have no semblance of a passing game other than swing passes and chucking it up for grabs to DR. Kelvin Taylor gets 2 carries even with Matt Jones hurt. This program is a dumpster fire.

    • ScottyB says:

      “Thought of the day: If I’m a recruit @ the UF game… Why would I want to come play for this mess?”

      If I’m a recruit, I’m thinking, ‘If one of their former players talks this badly about the program, why would I want to come play here…’

  2. Razzlegator says:

    If you are on twitter, you can follow the people whose tweets Adam is posting. If the game isn’t depressing enough, you can go to twitter and see all these tweets in real time. Just stay away from sharp objects and open 10th floor windows.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      I am not that much of a masochist, Twitter is one of those I haven’t signed up for, I have enough to keep up with, and it would just be more depressing.

  3. Wes says:

    Adam, would love your two cents on Brindise’s tweet about Debose on offense. I really only noticed him out there on the jet sweep and given his special teams output I find it baffling that he’s not getting more offensive touches.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      I was wondering the same thing, that was one of those tweets I was wondering what context it was in with 2 huge returns and that huge run on the jet sweep, don’t recall him being targeted in the passing game at all, unless he was in and missed some huge block or something

    • I don’t remember when he tweeted that specifically. Possibly when he misjudged the punt.

  4. ScottyB says:

    Who is Cory Bailey?? Did he ever get playing time???

    It’s time to dump the whole receiving corp except for Robinson. None of these guys would be top 3 receivers in Spurrier’s offense because they can’t catch and I’m not sure they are great route runners either…

  5. Bill says:

    Year 4. Even Zook brought in national championship caliber talent.

    Muschamp in my opinion is easily the worst Florida coach of all time