WATCH: Tim Tebow is here to help you save money

By Adam Silverstein
September 13, 2016
WATCH: Tim Tebow is here to help you save money

Despite the immense popularity of Tim Tebow, the former Florida Gators star quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner has actually appeared in a relatively low number of commercials.

There was the T-Mobile spot that aired during the last Super Bowl and the more recent commercial with Danny Wuerffel for Nissan, but for the most part his pitches have been few and far between.

Well now that Tebow is officially done with the NFL and spending his days as a college football analyst, television host and part-time minor league baseball player, he has more time to sell you products.

It appears as if his latest partnership is with Regions Bank as the company released these two commercials on Tuesday. Check them out.

Let’s offer up some grades for these spots. The “Tebowflex” one is fun in concept but rather meh in execution, so that gets a flat C, while the “Opening Doors” commercial is rather mundane with no comedy element, which is an automatic D. Hey, at least they’re better than the Nissan commercial.

Thanks to reader Sam P. for sharing.

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