Florida Gators coach Jim McElwain loses mind on RB Kelvin Taylor after throat slash gesture

By Adam Silverstein
September 12, 2015

Junior running back Kevin Taylor looked fast running into the end zone for a touchdown to push the Florida Gators ahead of the East Carolina Pirates 31-17 on Saturday. Moments later, he was likely wishing he could turn on another gear to get away from his head coach.

At the end of Taylor’s touchdown run, he performed a throat slash gesture as a celebration. Unfortunately for Taylor and the Gators, an official was standing right near him, flagging Florida for a 15-yard penalty and making head coach Jim McElwain irate at his player.

McElwain, who has been preaching discipline inside the Gators’ locker room, was proud one week ago as Florida only committed a single penalty in its 61-13 win over New Mexico State. Taylor’s gesture was UF’s 12th of the evening and sent McElwain off into a frenzy.

Here is a bleeped version of McElwain’s rant to Taylor, which was posted online in an explicit language video shared on YouTube.

“Look at me. Don’t look down. F—ing be a man. You let your f—ing team down. That’s f—ing bull—-. And you think it’s f—ing OK. F—ing kidding [me].”

As it would turn out though, McElwain inserted Taylor right back into the game on the Gators’ next offensive series. So while Taylor certainly made McElwain mad, it was obviously not a serious enough transgression to put him in his coach’s dog house for any extended period of time.


  1. Orlando Gator says:

    Maybe a half step too far. Let him know you’re upset and give him an earful on the sideline….. but there’s a time and a place for that level of anger. The time is after the game the place is in the locker room.

    • Steven Burke says:

      You’re tripping, make an example of that kid right then and there, needed to be done or they never learn, quit being soft

      • Michael Jones says:

        Bingo. You’re dead-on, Steven. Have to nip that selfish and destructive behavior in the bud. Zero tolerance. Everything about the punishment fit the crime.

        Coach Mac’s obviously a fatherly figure who cares a lot about his players and he’s clearly not the neck-vein-bulging and eye-popping embarrassment to this program that the “defensive genius” was (who Jax State hung 438 yards on yesterday in pushing #6 Auburn to overtime), but what he did needed to be done just the way he did it.

        Go Gators!!

  2. terry greason says:

    he did the right thing these kids get away with it in high school, good to see the coach take it to him

    • Kristian says:

      yes! very true!but he shouldnt have let it go like that! Jim is the frod!! just way to innapropiate to let it out on a great player! I miss myers!! GO GATORS!!! Kristian spellings 🙂

  3. Eric says:

    It needed to be done. Taylor is a junior..a kid that can take this from his coach. Taylor will learn from this..and hopefully the other younger player will too. These players need to just play.. long away from being a good team….go out and play… trash talking a team like ECU… come on…

  4. Sharon Milner says:

    Coach was very angry, but what Taylor did was inexcusable and frankly stupid. He feels good for 5 seconds and the rest of the team suffers 15 yards in a not for sure Gators will win game.

    It does come across as Taylor r sayign “Look at me, look at me! Selfish and immature.

  5. Mac_supporter says:

    Adam, do you think something like that will have a negative impact in recruiting?

  6. Maria Malo says:

    Good for Coach McElwain for jumping all over Taylor. He needs to nip this crap in the bud!!

  7. Gatorhippy says:

    If you are offended by this either you never played football at a competitive level or you never made a costly, stupid and avoidable mistake when you did…

  8. gatorhippy says:

    Adam, I can’t believe you even let this be posted to the comments…

  9. J Neila says:

    Coach McElwain’s berating Kevin Taylor is one of the worst outbursts of venom against a human and a black student athlete I have witnessed–whose uncompensated play may help him earn millions. That angry white man’s behavior was insulting, destructive, ungodly, and an evil that bordered on physical and mental abuse in front of millions of people worldwide. An understated gesture that he deems inappropriate does not grant authority to cause harm. Kevin is not a thug given his genealogy but too often angry white men make examples of subordinates like Kevin to send a greater message, “Kevin Taylor is not special and I will do the same or worse to you.” Master McElwain was punishing property he nor the Gators own. One thing is certain, Calvin Hill would not have allowed such to happen to Grant Hill for any stupid reason like a celebration. McElwain was selectively disrespectful, abusive and mean and that is never acceptable or justifiable. Football is not war so such comparisons are ignorant, idiotic, and KRAVY. Some students may have committed suicide or attempted murder had they experienced international humiliation and the most heinous public abuse imaginable. What great PR for the Gators and future recruits and what a poor image at the expense of a defenseless undergraduate student of color. Shame on you, your misconduct was awful/horrible and reflects on your upbringing or lack thereof.

    I watched John Smith and Carlos Terry loose Gold track medals for raising their fists upward in protest against human rights violations towards African Americans. I also watched the media celebrate the fist pumping baseball player as he touched bases after hitting a World Series homerun, high fives and fist bumps are popular and acceptable now-a-days. Persons responsible for that rule are WRONG because normal people celebrate after winning and if it doesn’t delay the game or insults an ethnic group or religion, what is the harm? Winning feels good! Their celebration might inspire the opposing team so the dumbest rule should be dropped as an NCAA violation. Jumping up and down, smiling and lifting ones arms is the air, running on the field, breaking down the goal posts and pep bands singing and playing “Nah-nah-nah—Hey-hey-hey goodbye.” are acts of celebration, so where are the penalties?

    Kevin Taylor’s reply is an act of survival versus drowning in the football leadership sea of violence. His father is probably a victim of head injuries and might approve execution to hear him speak. However, thinking, normal and rational people do not put much credence on those responses. Ask more people of color because the Miss Ann and Trump types simply relay their obvious 17th century B.S and that is always wrong. I want to see how consistent McElwain is with that behavior; some are keeping score since abusive cursing, spitting, violent gestures and humiliation builds character and instills discipline in millennia’s.

    J. Neila in Greensboro