LOOK: Gators invade South Florida with billboard

By Adam Silverstein
August 2, 2016
LOOK: Gators invade South Florida with billboard

College football teams placing billboards in enemy territory is nothing new but rarely do those billboards look as cool as the one the Florida Gators posted in Miami this week.

Though 10 miles (and 30 minutes) away from the University of Miami’s campus in Coral Gables, Florida, the billboard is located right along I-95 in the Wynwood area of town right by popular menswear shop Austin Burke. Anyone going to UM’s campus — or Marlins Park — from the highway would likely pass by the sign.

Of course, while Miami is technically enemy territory, UF’s had little problem recruiting in South Florida. The Hurricanes have failed to put a so-called fence around the area, and the Gators — along with plenty of other programs, including Florida State and Alabama — have poached a ton of talent from the fertile grounds.

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