Gators’ 2011 freshmen pick uniform numbers

By Adam Silverstein
July 7, 2011

Athletes care about their uniform numbers, and now that Florida Gators football is preparing to begin practice for the 2011-12 season in just about a month, it was time for the team’s newest members to choose theirs. The freshman roster as of May 2011, according to the University of Florida‘s media guide, is as follows:

» No. 5 – Marcus Roberson (Fort Lauderdale, FL), four-star cornerback
» No. 15Louchiez Purifoy (Pensacola, FL), four-star cornerback
» No. 16 – Jeff Driskel (Oviedo, FL), five-star quarterback
» No. 17 – Jacoby Brissett (West Palm Beach, FL), four-star quarterback
» No. 20 – Valdez Showers (Madison Heights, MI), three-star cornerback
» No. 21 – Jabari Gorman (Miami, FL), four-star safety
» No. 26 – De’Ante Saunders (Deland, FL), four-star cornerback
» No. 33 – Chris Johnson (Ocala, FL), three-star safety
» No. 41 – Hunter Joyer (Wesley Chapel, FL), three-star fullback
» No. 44 – Kyle Christy (Brownsburg, IN), three-star punter
» No. 55 – Graham Stewart (Middletown, CT), four-star linebacker
» No. 63 – Trip Thurman (Dover, DE), four-star guard
» No. 65 – Tommy Jordan (Ridgefield, CT), three-star guard
» No. 80 – Ja’Juan Story (Brooksville, FL), four-star wide receiver
» No. 81 – A.C. Leonoard (Jacksonville, FL), four-star tight end
» No. 86 – Clay Burton (Venice, FL), three-star defensive end
» No. 97 – Tevin Westbrook (Coconut Creek, FL), three-star defensive end

There have also been a number of uniform number changes for current Gators:

» No. 1 – Chris Rainey, redshirt senior running back (formerly No. 3)
» No. 2 – Dominique Easley, sophomore defensive tackle (formerly No. 58)
» No. 3 – Jelani Jenkins, redshirt sophomore linebacker (formerly No. 43)
» No. 4 – Sharrif Floyd, sophomore defensive tackle (formerly No. 73)
» No. 92 – Lynden Trail, redshirt freshman defensive end (formerly No. 85)


  1. Avatar Alex says:

    I like that all of our interior D-lineman are going to be wearing single digits. That number’s going to look pretty tiny on 300+ pounds of nose tackle

    • Avatar CeeThree says:

      Easley 2, Floyd 4, Powell 7.. lined up next to each other, coming after you 24/7 lol.

  2. Avatar CeeThree says:

    Purifoy has some balls.

  3. Avatar Ken (CA) says:

    I know the significance of getting the #1 jersey, is there similar significance in the 2,3 and 4?

  4. Avatar Bill says:

    Isn’t Jeff Demps #2? How will this work with Easley?

  5. Avatar npgator says:

    I hope we get Maye as our next commitment – seems like a stud DB!

  6. Avatar Daniel M. says:

    Floyd has #4. What about Debose?

  7. Numbers can be and often are doubled up. They just can’t be on the field at the same time.

  8. Avatar El Meester says:

    I know we don’t retire numbers at UF, but still…let #15 unofficially sit out a couple years.

  9. Avatar ABigGatorsFan says:

    15? Really? I think it’s a mistake to let anyone wear 15, for the next few seasons at least.

  10. Avatar gatornutt says:

    #2 – Dominique Easley
    #4 – Sharrif Floyd
    #6 – Jaye Howard

    Haha, Great stuff