WATCH: This Minecraft version of The Swamp is tremendous

By Adam Silverstein
June 20, 2016
WATCH: This Minecraft version of The Swamp is tremendous

College football stadiums being built in the popular video game Minecarft are not necessarily unique, but for the first time, a user has built Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on the platform.

YouTuber jred125 shows off the Florida Gators‘ stadium — recently renamed Spurrier-Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium — in the video below.

The detail is tremendous on the overall stadium construction, though it is missing a lot of the finer aspects of prior Minecraft-built gridirons, such as Clemson’s Death Valley, which take viewers into designed concessions areas and through the ramps of the facility. The Florida construction is more base-level, particularly as it does not include the scoreboards or blue seat covers on the alumni side.

So overall, this one gets a B grade. Maybe someone will take this a step further in the future.

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