Florida checks in at No. 9/10 in latest top 25 polls

The 11th regular season editions of the 2012-13 ESPN/USA Today and Associated Press Top 25 Polls were released on Monday with the Louisville Cardinals (15-1) taking over as the new No. 1 team in the nation, receiving 54 of 96 combined first-place votes from the coaches and pollsters.

The Florida Gators, coming off a pair of dominant league victories, held steady at No. 9 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches’ Poll and moved up one spot to No. 10 in the AP Top 25. Florida gained 30 voting points in the ESPN/USA Today rankings and added 97 points in the AP poll. The Gators are one of just two Southeastern Conference teams listed in the rankings this week.

WeekGator BaitRecordAP Top 25USA TodayNCAA RPI
Preseason--No. 7 (1,153)No. 7 (568)-
2W 68-45 vs. William & Mary1-0No. 8 (1,127)No. 7 (560)-
3L 69-67 vs. Miami
W(OT) 61-56 vs. ULM
2-1No. 18 (467)No. 16 (303)-
4L(OT) 65-66 vs. Georgetown
W 56-47 vs. UAB
L 64-75 vs. North Carolina
3-3NR (40)No. 24 (60)-

This Week 1-5: Louisville (18), Indiana (6), Duke (7), Kansas, Michigan,
6-10: Syracuse, Arizona, Gonzaga, Florida, Creighton
11-15: Ohio State, Minnesota, Butler, San Diego State, N.C. State
16-20: Missouri, Michigan State, Kansas State, VCU, Notre Dame
21-25: New Mexico, Illinois, UNLV, Cincinnati, UCLA

Last Week 1-5: Duke (30), Michigan (1), Arizona, Louisville, Indiana
6-10: Kansas, Syracuse, Gonzaga, Florida, Minnesota
11-15: Creighton, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio State, San Diego State
16-20: Notre Dame, Butler, Michigan State, UNLV, Cincinnati
21-25: N.C. State, Georgetown, Kansas State, VCU, Wyoming

This Week 1-5: Louisville (36), Indiana (13), Duke (14), Kansas (1), Michigan (1)
6-10: Syracuse, Arizona, Gonzaga, Minnesota, Florida
11-15: Ohio State, Creighton, Butler, N.C. State, San Diego State
16-20: Kansas State, Missouri, Michigan State, New Mexico, Notre Dame
21-25: Oregon, VCU, Illinois, UCLA, Marquette

Last Week 1-5: Duke (62), Michigan (3), Louisville, Arizona, Indiana
6-10: Kansas, Syracuse, Minnesota, Gonzaga, Missouri
11-15: Florida, Illinois, Creighton, Butler, Ohio State
16-20: San Diego State, Notre Dame, Kansas State, Georgetown, N.C. State
21-25: Cincinnati, Michigan State, Wichita State, UNLV, New Mexico

*Numbers in parenthesis represent first-place votes.


One Response to “Florida checks in at No. 9/10 in latest top 25 polls”

  1. Take note of other major computer rankings.

    Ken Pomeroy is well respected and his rankings are used by some committee members. The Gators are #1 on that! http://www.kenpom.com

    ESPN made a new computer ranking called the Basketball Power Index. Takes a lot of factors into consideration, even takes into account when players are injured! Florida ranks #4 on that! http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/bpi