Florida Gators jump to No. 7/7 in top 25 polls

The 10th regular-season editions of the Associated Press Top 25 and USA Today Coaches’ Poll were released on Monday with the Arizona Wildcats staying put as the No. 1-ranked team in the country. Arizona received 61-of-65 first-place votes from the AP voters and 30-of-32 first-place votes from the coaches.

The Florida Gators (13-2, 2-0 SEC) – fresh off a 74-58 win over South Carolina on Wednesday and a 84-82 overtime victory at Arkansas on Saturday – jumped up three spots in No. 7 in the AP top 25 and four spots to No. 7 in the USA Today rankings.

Florida checked in with 1,205 points (+153) in the AP poll and 573 points (+100) in the USA Today top 25.

WeekGator BaitRecordAP Top 25USA TodayNCAA RPI
Preseason--No. 7 (1,153)No. 7 (568)-
2W 68-45 vs. William & Mary1-0No. 8 (1,127)No. 7 (560)-
3L 69-67 vs. Miami
W(OT) 61-56 vs. ULM
2-1No. 18 (467)No. 16 (303)-
4L(OT) 65-66 vs. Georgetown
W 56-47 vs. UAB
L 64-75 vs. North Carolina
3-3NR (40)No. 24 (60)-

Check out the complete top 25 rankings and see where UF stands…after the break!

UF’s 2013-14 opponents in italics.

This Week 1-5: Arizona (61), Syracuse (4), Wisconsin, Michigan State, Wichita State
6-10: Villanova, Florida, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, San Diego State
11-15: Ohio State, Baylor, Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas, UMass
16-20: Memphis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Creighton, Colorado
21-25: Pittsburgh, Duke, Saint Louis, Oklahoma, UCLA

Last Week 1-5: Arizona (60), Syracuse (5), Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State
6-10: Wichita State, Baylor, Villanova, Iowa State, Florida
11-15: Oklahoma State, Louisville, San Diego State, Kentucky, Colorado
16-20: Duke, Oregon, Kansas, UMass, Iowa
21-25: Missouri, Gonzaga, Illinois, Memphis, Kansas State

This Week 1-5: Arizona (30), Syracuse (1), Wisconsin, Michigan State (1), Wichita State
6-10: Villanova, Florida, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Iowa State
11-15: San Diego State, Kentucky, Baylor, Louisville, UMass
16-20: Iowa, Memphis, Kansas, Creighton, Duke
21-25: Pittsburgh, Colorado, Cincinnati, Gonzaga, UCLA

Last Week 1-5: Arizona (30), Syracuse (1), Ohio State (1), Michigan State/Wisconsin
6-10: Wichita State, Iowa State, Louisville, Baylor, Villanova
11-15: Florida, Oklahoma State, Duke/Oregon, San Diego State
16-20: Kentucky, Colorado, Gonzaga, UMass, Kansas
21-25: Missouri, Memphis, Creighton, Iowa, UCLA

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One Response to “Florida Gators jump to No. 7/7 in top 25 polls”

  1. Tractorr says:

    So the boys have finally stopped the annoying habit of losing every close game now let’s see if they can stop the other annoying habit of losing a game inexplicably as soon as the are ranked in the single digits.